the mtn hive

Featuring inspired microunit apartments with shared living space and amenities.

a coliving space

Providing a thoughtfully designed, responsibly developed workforce housing solution.

community in mind

A diverse community of like-minded individuals focused on the economies and sustainability of shared living.

housing in eagle county

“The Turntable is temporarily closed due to insufficient staffing. We prefer to serve you the right way or not at all! We apologize for any inconvenience.”
Mike, Ryan & Steve – The Turntable, summer 2018 sign on the front door


Ninety-nine percent of renters feel that housing is one of the more serious or the most critical problem in Eagle County. *


More than 3/4 of businesses feel that housing shortages negatively impact their ability to attract, hire, and retain employees; up from 22% in 2010. **


Fifty-eight percent of businesses say it takes two or more months to fill open positions; up from 14% in 2010. **


Edwards needs 560 rental units by 2020 just to catch up. Eagle County needs 1,230. *

* Eagle Valley Housing Needs and Solutions (2018)
** 2017-18 Workforce Survey Report (2018)


a win for the economy

The mtn hive will provide:

  • An expansion of the economy by as much as $20 million per year (131 jobs), accounting for a 3.8 percent increase in Edward’s gross regional product (GRP)
  • A one-time infusion of $82 million to the local economy during construction
  • $2.6 million per year in increased household spending in Edwards generating $50,000 in annual sales tax revenue
  • An increase in local volunteer hours representing $431,000 value to the nonprofit sector annually
  • The opportunity cost of not building this project, leaving jobs unfilled, is estimated at $891,000 per year

a win for housing

The mtn hive will:

  • Provide approximately 33% of the needed rental housing inventory projected for 2020 mid-valley* (p. 25-27 of housing study)
  • Provide a much-needed infusion of units, in a community where 61% of employees feel major frustration finding housing they desire at an affordable price. This Trend is worsening** (p.12 2018 workforce housing survey)
  • Allow businesses the ability to master lease, alleviating pressure on the 78% of businesses that feel that housing negatively affects their ability to attract, hire, and retain employees** (p.10 workforce housing survey)

* 2017-2018 Housing Needs Assessment, ** 2018 Workforce Housing Survey

a win for transportation

The mtn hive will:

  • Reduce in-commuting by 70,000 per year, which will significantly reduce valley-wide traffic
  • Save nearly 114,000 gallons of gasoline per year
  • Provide public electric car charging stations on-site
  • Be located on Highway 6 public transit
  • Be walking and biking distance to hundreds of local shops, restaurants, and entertainment
  • Improve roadways

a win for the climate

The mtn hive will:

  • Reduce local carbon emissions by 6% through fewer commuter hours
  • Reduce excess consumption by utilizing the economy of sharing
  • Reduce energy consumption through smart home and smart building technology
  • Meet the minimum requirements International Energy Conservation Code

You can't build this fast enough! Get it done!

Casey ~ Drunken Goat

We had a front desk position open for over six months because of the lack of housing. We love this idea and would love to be involved in growing our community.

Michelle ~ Dogma

I haven't taken a vacation in over two years because I can't keep enough employees. This is already a common housing style in Europe and I am happy to see it come to Edwards.

Pascal ~ Gore Range Brewery

I fully support this project!

Connie ~ Village Bagel

We love the location. It will have a positive impact on our business.

Angel ~ Chippen Nails Salon

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