Frequently asked questions

#1: What is coliving, I’ve never heard of it?

Imagine the concept of co-working, but for living. Coliving is an internationally accepted and tested concept of living where residents take advantage of the economies of sharing. Many variations of coliving spaces exist in North America and abroad. While each varies a little, the overall concept is the same. Residents rent a small private space with access to ample amenities and shared spaces such as gourmet kitchens, an onsite gym, a library, community events, ride-sharing, and more! 

#2: Housing is tough in Eagle County, is this a better solution to traditional rentals?

We think so, there is a lot of bang for the buck at the mtn hive and many of the amenities and things that would be additions to a monthly budget are included in rent. For example, all furnishings, utilities, access to common spaces, and weekly community events are included. Most places in the Valley these amenities wouldn’t be available or would come at an additional fee; the mtn hive saves you hundreds on these hidden expenses. It’s also a great way to meet people who love mountain living as much as you do. With the current lack of studio and one-bedroom options available in Eagle County, we think this will be a great addition to the community. I mean, who wouldn’t prefer this kitchen to those pesky burning electric coils? 

#3: tell me more about the units

Units at the mtn hive range from approximately 180 – 300 square feet for micro-units, with two and three-bedrooms also available. These units all have private bathrooms, come fully furnished with maximized built-in storage, a kitchenette, and a murphy bed. Still not convinced? Don’t forget that this is just your private space. Every resident has access to the over 25,000 square feet of professionally designed and professionally cleaned common amenities including: gourmet kitchens (see photo above), an onsite gym, lounges, bike and ski storage and more.


#4: What should I know about tract t?

Edwards is centralized in Eagle County and Tract T is centralized in Edwards. The location is walkable and bikeable to almost anything you could want, including a community college, grocery store, restaurants, shops, etc. It’s also near I-70, US Highway 6, and Eagle County public transit stops. The property is currently zoned commercial general however, we feel that housing is a more appropriate use. The mtn hive application is, therefore, applying for a Zone Change, Sketch/Preliminary Plan PUD, 1041 Permit, Comprehensive Plan Exception, and an Amended Final Plat.

#5: how tall is the building?

The building is four stories tall, with one additional underground level of parking. The building ranges in height from 34′, with the rear terrace typically under three stories and 40′ in height, to 52′ at its tallest parapet on the front side. While this is in line with the Edwards Area Community Plan’s vision and goals, it requires a variance from Eagle County code from 35′ to 52′ at its tallest.

#6: will the mtn hive change the look and feel of edwards?

Absolutely not! Of course, a building where there wasn’t one before is always an adjustment. But, our architecture team spent countless hours to achieve a design that balances the architecture between Edwards Corner and the Edwards Commercial Park. The building is also broken up into smaller massings and features prominent earthy tones drawn from the surrounding environment. Additionally, the property will be landscaped using native species, including a large aspen glade to buffer the development from adjacent residential neighbors. The property now will also include a woonerf plaza open to the public, community gardens for the residents, and an improved pedestrian experience.

#7: what ensures that this project is for locals?

Glad you asked! This project was designed with locals in mind. 10% of the units will be rent-restricted at 100% of AMI. An additional 60% will hold a Resident Occupied deed restriction. An additional 15% will have restrictions that disallow short term leasing. Additionally, the building has been designed to support local lifestyles from bike and ski storage/tuning spaces to shuttles to the resorts.


#8: Can I get by without a car? 

Absolutely! The mtn hive will be located just off the Eagle County bus route in Edwards. Another planned transportation solution is to include shuttles to major business and recreational hubs. A bike-sharing program for residents is also in the works. Last but not least, the Edwards community is very walkable with most things residents need available within a five-minute walk. No car, no sweat! 

#9: what about traffic and parking?

Glad you asked! We hired a third-party traffic engineer to study both our proposed parking rates and traffic volume. Because of the findings, we have opted to install a new roundabout at the Edwards Village Boulevard intersection by Smiling Moose as part of our application. So, not only is Edwards able to accommodate the additional traffic, but that intersection will be an A+ student through 2040 (i.e. the rating of the new roundabout will improve the intersection from a Level of Service E to an A and remain so through 2040). Additionally, the mtn hive is on public transit stops and plans to provide bike-sharing, car-sharing, and shuttle services.

These analysts did our parking studies too! Parking will be available to residents in either the mtn hive underground parking or a shared space with Edwards Corner.


#10: Who takes care of cleaning common areas?

The mtn hive isn’t grandma’s house. If you make a mess clean it up. But if your neighbor leaves a mess, don’t worry, all common areas will be cleaned daily by mtn hive staff. Additionally, regarding COVID-19, the Mtn Hive will follow all best practices published by health officials including heightened cleaning schedules and will adopt principles similar to that of other existing coliving facilities that are successfully caring for their resident’s health. 


#11: where can i put my stuff (bike, skis, kayak, etc)?

We love gear, too. We’ve got you covered. Additional spaces will be available for bikes, SUP boards, kayaks, etc. and ski and snowboard storage will be provided in each micro-unit. There will also be places to tune bikes and skis on site.


#12: Can my pets move in, too?

We love pets, but unfortunately can’t accommodate them at the mtn hive at this time. We know Fido is an angel, but not all pets are. Due to allergens and animal messes, we cannot accept tenants with pets.


#13: Sign me up! How do I get a lease?

Great!  Unfortunately, we aren’t approved to build the mtn hive yet but, if you join our contact list we’ll let you know when we are. If you can’t wait to live here, let us know. In the meantime, there are ways you can help support the mtn hive’s approval and we would love your support. Check out our Get In Touch page and let us know you want to help. We will contact you with ways you can support the project.