Vail Daily: Summit County Proclaims Housing Crisis in the Community

“Summit County Board of County Commissioners unanimously agree that lack of workforce housing without a short term solution, “will result in irreversible changes to the fabric of the community and limit the ability of the community to serve visitors and residents alike.” Mountain resort communities throughout Colorado and the Western United States are all experiencing … Continued

Vail Daily: Battered Vail Businesses Struggle to Staff Up for Summer

“An ongoing topic of concern and conversation throughout Eagle County, hiring and lack of workforce availability are one of local businesses’ biggest hurdles. A highly contributing factor is the obvious lack of attainable, if not affordable, places to rent and buy. This is exactly the community segment that the mtn hive seeks to serve.” ~mtn … Continued

Vail Daily: Does Eagle County Have the Political Will to Create More Workforce Housing?

“As local politicians state the recognized need for housing, many local developers and housing advocates wonder if local regulations need to be relaxed in order to make responsible development easier to approve and build. In communities where NIMBYs seem quick to organize against development, how can we find a balance?“ ~mtn hive~ _______________________________________________________________________ Does Eagle … Continued

Vail Daily: Eagle County Real Estate Market is Still Rolling

“As the real estate market continues to surge in Eagle County, March of 2021 marked the first time the number of “out of state” buyers eclipsed primary Eagle County residents. As out of state buyers set their sites on Eagle County many locals are struggling to buy and rent.” ~mtn hive~ _______________________________________________________________________ Eagle County real … Continued

5280 magazine: The Co-Living Trend Heats Up in the Mile High City

“Co-living continues to gain steam as a desirable and sought after living arrangement for young professionals and people who seek a “turn-key” lifestyle at their fingertips. Community, simplicity, amenities and proximity are just a few of the attributes that draw renters to the co-living lifestyle.” ~mtn hive~ _______________________________________________________________________ The Co-Living Trend Heats Up in the … Continued

Summit Daily: Breckenridge Moves Forward with Micro Studio Apartment Project

“While significantly different from the mtn hive in terms of structure, amenities and construction, this coliving project was just approved in Breckenridge, Colorado. The article illustrates the overall diversity in  types of coliving spaces and highlights the feasibility as a workforce housing solution in our mountain communities.” ~mtn hive~ _______________________________________________________________________ Breckenridge Moves Forward with Micro … Continued

New Republic: Fast Furniture Is an Environmental Fiasco

“Thanks to mtn hive architect, Emily Arden Wells for this interesting read. It’s hard to believe that the increased desire or need for more mobile lifestyles actually causes more waste and emissions. We understand this problem pervades in Eagle County as well with a highly transient and seasonal workforce. With the mtn hive units and … Continued

Business Insider: Aspen living on Aspen wages: Ski towns across America are battling a workforce housing crisis

“Aspen, a neighboring resort, is experiencing the same problems we are here in Eagle County. Seems like someone should do something about it! **ehem mtn hive ehem**” ~ mtn hive ~ Aspen living on Aspen wages: Ski towns across America are battling a workforce housing crisis   The ski industry’s affordable workforce housing crisis showcases … Continued