Vail Daily: “Home Economics” Part 4: No vacancy: Deed restrictions are the weapon of choice for governments in the fight against vacant homes

“Even for those who qualify for down payment assistance, or who can purchase a home without assistance, finding a place to purchase is a major challenge. A lack of inventory makes “affording” a home only one hurdle facing buyers. More rental inventory can help alleviate this problem and projects like the mtn hive are steps … Continued

Vail Daily: “Home Economics” Part 3: Housing done right: Some employers are meeting Vail Valley’s housing challenges, and most started years ago

“In light of historic workforce housing challenges in the Vail Valley and throughout Eagle County, some employers have taken matters into their own hands for years securing, through purchase or lease, units for current and future employees. This article highlights the benefits those employers see from taking matters into their own hands. Many small businesses … Continued

Vail Daily “Home Economics” Part 2: Decades in the making: Vail Valley’s workforce housing crisis has been building since the beginning

“Certainly not a new challenge, rather one that has gained steam over time, workforce housing challenges trickledown quickly to full-time residents who have homes and second homeowners when local businesses can’t find a suitable workforce and it impacts relied upon, or expected service. Master leasing at the mtn hive will provide employers with the opportunity … Continued

Vail Daily: Vail Valley Rental Vacancies at “unhealthy” Level

“Most can agree that “waiting for years” on a rental unit to become available isn’t acceptable for housing our Valley’s workforce. Miller’s article also illustrates a worsening problem facing our local economy, employers and workers seeking a home. The solution is larger than any one project, but the Mtn Hive provides a step in the … Continued

BBC: For a happier home life, is bigger always better?

“We agree. Size isn’t everything. Quality of life is important and in a valley of gargantuan houses, we want to offer an alternative!” ~ mtn hive ~ For a happier home life, is bigger always better?   Perhaps you think that more space in your family home is always better – but how you feel … Continued

Vail Daily: Help Wanted? Good luck

“It’s true, it is so hard to find good employees in Eagle County because they can’t find good housing options. The mtn hive will not only add inventory to the housing market but a quality alternative between roommates and first-time-homebuyers.” ~mtn hive~ Vail Daily: Help Wanted? Good luck EAGLE COUNTY — If you’re hiring, this … Continued

JSTOR Daily: Co-living, the hot new trend of 1898

“What a cool article! We are learning more and more about the history of coliving and how it has changed over the years. “ ~ mtn hive ~ Co-living, the hot new trend of 1898   The PodShare company offers a new way for young people try out living in expensive cities without long-term commitment. … Continued